Occupy Sandy ~ Donate Using Amazon Registry!

Since the devastation of Hurricane Sandy has left many homeless, without power, heat or food, millions of people around the globe have wanted to lend a helping hand – whether assisting with the clean up of the aftermath, working at shelters or donating items. Those that are unable to travel to the tri-state area have wondered how they can help and contribute to helping rebuild – and that is where Occupy Sandy Wedding Registry became to be!

Occupy Sandy has been set up online at Amazon.com using wedding registries to solicit items such as clothing, flashlights, blankets and more for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Purchases have been shipping directly to those affected in Jersey City/Hoboken, Brooklyn and other surrounding areas.

Amazon is notoriously known for their fast delivery which is extremely important during this time of need.
Check out the listings here on Amazon and see how you can lend a helping hand today!

Occupy Sandy NJ

Occupy Sandy NY

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