Guest Blogger: Scott Hornack of Craig Scott Entertainment

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The “M-Band”


I have always loved the idea of putting a musician with a Disc Jockey. With DJ’s, yes  it is great that you do hear the music from the original artists.The only problem with the Disc Jockey was that there always seemed to be an element missing. There seemed a lack of synergy between the DJ and the guests. Yes, many DJ companies use the “two man” or “MC/Spinner” combination however, that just seemed to have the “MC” on the microphone way too much (for my liking ) and some (MC’s) even felt that it was all about them and not the Bride & Groom. When you add a live musician to the DJ it brings more personality and a musical interaction element to any event. Suddenly, the party comes to life.


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When the economy started to decline, a lot of clients were very conscience about their budgets and were concerned about paying $5,000 -$10,000 for a band. That is what made us thinking about expanding our original concept. Take a DJ spinning your favorite songs as you know them, add some karaoke style tracks with several live musicians and singers and you get one exciting party. The best of both worlds! 


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We came up with the name “M-Band”  (which stands for micro-band), It's a new, interesting and exciting entertainment option and it is even more cost effective and more versatile than a small band but with the presence of a full band sound. Something as small as one DJ with two live musicians, such as one vocalist with a percussionist, which is very popular now, would be less than $3,000.  


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Many clients are now even selecting larger "M-bands", starting with the DJ, one or two female vocalists, male vocalist, keyboard player and percussionist.  This really is a mini band! Your entertainment value for your event has just quadrupled. Now, aside from the great upbeat dance songs that can be performed, you can have an incredible entertainment experience during your meals. Suddenly, there is a visual aspect for your guests even while they are eating. A number of clients last year and even more this year have added a “Sinatra” singer to perform ay dinner. This option can now create the feeling of the “Café Carlyle” or the famed “Algonquin” while you are eating… It’s such an elegant ambiance and a great way to put your fingerprint on your wedding.


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