“Should we create a wedding website for our guests?”

We often hear that question from our clients asking if it is necessary to create a site for the big day. Wedding websites are a definite ‘to do’ for couples as it provides a way for your family and friends to keep up to date with all of your wedding plans. Though it is not absolutely necessary, it certainly is the easiest way to keep everyone informed of all the latest happenings – and it can be super fun to create! Here are some tips on creating your perfect ‘I do-dotcom.’

Choose Your Host ~ Find the best web hosting site available to share your wedding details. Our top pick? Wedding Window! This site give you a ton of design options including custom colors, fonts and layouts! Wedding Window allows you to truly personalize your site and make it your own. Check out a demo from Wedding Window here!

WeddingWire also offers free wedding website templates from Vera Wang, Martha Stewart and more – check out some of their designs!

Share Your Story ~ You two are madly in love and crazy about each other…but we want to know how it happened! Tell the whole world your love story. Be sure to include how you met, when you fell in love and of course all of the proposal details!

Talk About Your Peeps ~ These are the people that have been standing next to you your whole life and will be standing next to you as you recite your vows. Create a section where you can talk about each member of your bridal party and how each of them have affected your life. This is a nice way to let them know how special they are to you and also an opportunity to introduce them to your guests.

Map it Out ~ List the accommodations available for your Out of Town guests as well as some fun things to do. Look into special discounts that may be available at local malls, museums or landmarks. You can also share places that are special to you and your fiance. Have your guests dine at your favorite restaurant or where you got engaged!

Fab Find: Pose Perfectly With Parasols!

One of the latest trends for Spring and Summer weddings is posing with some picture perfect parasols! These beautiful pieces can create unique and memorable photo ops at any location. Not only do they provide fabulous photos, but can be a great addition to offer to your guests. If you are having an outdoor affair where the sun may be a factor, consider having one available for each  guest to use -these make for a great favor or keepsake!

Looking for an eye catching color to provide some contrast with your bridal party? Talk with your planner about coordinating your parasol selections so they will be sure to complement your color scheme. For 2012, some of the hottest colors are pastels such as lilac and celedon as well as bright and vivid hues like electric pink and of course, Pantone’s color of the year tangerine tango. Check out some of our favorite shades that can be found on Cultural Intrigue.

We love the addition of parasols at weddings and events as they certainly add a very special touch! This great shot was taken by our good friends at The Studio Photographers at Mallard Island Yacht Club – how much fun is that?!

Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

Hiring a wedding planner for your big day is so important! Having a planner there to ensure your day goes without a hitch enables you to relax and enjoy the most important day of your life.

Check out ‘Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?’, an amazing video from our good friend Damon over at Absolute Media Productions!

Your Big Day. Dare to Dream.

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. At The Finishing Touch our goal is to make all of your wedding day wishes come true. From Hollywood Glamour to City Chic, we share with you some inspiration from some of our brides who were not afraid to “dream big”!

Spring Inspiration!

Spring is in the air – and we love finding inspirations for our beautiful Spring weddings!

Check out this quick video for some Spring Inspiration from TFT –

Royal Wedding Buzz with Candice on Contemporary Bride!

With just a few days left until the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, we are sure Kate has been following a beauty regimen to keep her hair, skin and nails in top form for the big day. Below Candice offers her suggestions for Kate before her wedding day, and, of course, any bride-to-be can follow this regimen.



As the center of attention on your wedding day, you want to make sure that you are fit and confident in your beautiful gown.
With so many details to think about, finding time to hit the gym may not be at the top of your priority list. But when you think about all the people who will be taking your picture that day, and the moments you will want to treasure in your album for a lifetime, making time to burn calories will become more important.

You should first set realistic goals. Then enlist your fiance or bridesmaids as your workout buddies. Choose something you will enjoy doing over the course of several months like yoga, pilates, belly dancing, swimming or biking. Try to incorporate thirty minutes of activity into your routine at least three times a week.

If you prefer a more rigid structure, join a boot camp or hire a personal trainer and nutritionist. Either way, get moving today, eat healthy and don’t forget to have fun! If you have any health conditions, be sure to check with your doctor before starting your exercise plan. Your hard work and discipline will pay off when you “wow” everyone on your wedding day.

Skin Care:

Skin care leading up to your wedding day is very important. Here are some tips to help you get your skin ready for your special day.

~ Sunscreen is an important part of any bride’s daily routine. To keep your skin beautiful in pictures, apply daily weeks before you say “I Do.”
~ Use products to help stabilize your current skin type versus relying cleansers and lotions that are no longer appropriate.
~ Leading up to and on your big day, keep your pout beautiful by applying a moisturizing balm with Shea Butter to soften lips and give them a soft, kissable look.
~ For ultimate wedding skin, consider a series of monthly facials to unclog pores, reduce fine lines, treat acne and even out skin tone up to six months in advance of your big day.
~ Do not experiment with new products and facials for the two weeks before your wedding.
It also never hurts to stay hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Remember, your skin will be your best accessory.


Your hairstyle will play a major role in your overall look on your wedding day. Here are some tips to consider as you finalize your look.

~ Decide on a hairstyle before you choose your veil or headpiece. Play with a few styles before finalizing your look.
~ Visit your hairstylist at least six months before the wedding to set up a hair care regimen.
~ Touch up your existing hair color two weeks before the wedding. Prepare a hair emergency kit for reception touch ups.
~ Think about whether your hairstyle will hold up at an outdoor wedding.
~ Match your hairstyle to your gown in degree of formality.
~ Consider extensions and hairpieces to add volume for special hairstyles.
~ Plan special hairstyles for the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.
~ Get a final trim two weeks before the wedding.
~ Wear a buttoned-down shirt to your wedding day hair session.
~ Talk to your hairstylist to set a shampooing and conditioning schedule for the days before the wedding.
~ Invest in a good haircut. You’ll need less styling if you have a good foundation.
~ Decide if you will remove your veil after the ceremony. You’ll need to adjust your hairstyle accordingly.
~ Have your hairdresser practice with your veil and tiara.

Start thinking about how you would like your nails to look on your wedding day. Remember, your hands will be photographed during special moments, especially during the ceremony when you exchange your rings and during the reception when you are cutting the cake. Plus, your guests will be excited to see your new wedding ring throughout your day. Start getting weekly manicures about three months before your wedding date to get your nails in tip top shape.

~ Find a manicurist you really like and stick with that person leading up to your wedding. It will be important to find someone you trust so there will be no last minute surprises.

~ Determine the color and length you desire for your wedding day nails when you start meeting with your manicurist. You may want them short and square or long and oval. You may want to wear pink polish or get a french manicure. Try different colors on the days that you are getting fitted for your dress to see which look will work best.

~ Don’t forget to also get a pedicure. You may want to match the color that you are wearing on your fingernails, or go completely bold with a bright hue. Either way, your new hubby will appreciate the time you took to make sure you have soft feet and polished toenails on your wedding night.

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Candice featured in Wedding Planner Magazine!

Our very own Candice Benson, MBC™ is featured in the first brand new issue of Wedding Planner Magazine! Candice was interviewed for this ‘Master Profile’ section of the magazine where she shares some of her thoughts on items such as 2011 trends, goals and inspirations.

Check out this great article and learn all about Candice and how The Finishing Touch came about!

Introducing TipsTricksTrends with TFT!

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Wedding Etiquette ~ I Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to basic wedding etiquette there really are no set ‘wedding rules’. There are, however, some very simple things that you can do around your wedding to be courteous to your guests. Keeping your guests in mind will help to make your special day even more memorable. Here are a few tips to ensure your guests will feel included throughout your big day.

Give your family and friends enough notice~ Once you set your wedding date, try to send out your save the dates six to eight months ahead of time so your loved ones can mark their calendars and plan to celebrate with you. If possible, also include hotel information, and anything else that will make their planning process easier. Your invitations should follow giving guests another eight to twelve weeks to make final preparations. A personal wedding website is also a great way to keep guests up to date on all of the moving parts with your celebration.

Be thoughtful with your wedding itinerary~ If your ceremony and reception are in different locations, allow guests enough time on your itinerary to travel between each location. Work closely with your planner to make sure the gaps aren’t too large though, to ensure that your guests don’t get restless from waiting. Your planner will outline times that will make the day go smoothly. If there is a significant gap between the ceremony and reception, you should come up with an optional activity for guests. In the past we have coordinated mini town scavenger hunts or arranged for free drinks at a near-by bar for guests and both were a huge hit! Another great idea is to have a fun photo shoot with your guests – you can get some creative shots and memories to last a lifetime.

It’s not all about the Benjamins ~ Of course we can all appreciate having some cold hard cash, but blatantly asking for it as a wedding gift is never appropriate. The real gift from each of your guests is their attendance on your big day. Keep in mind that anything additional that you receive is an added bonus.

Write out Thank You cards ~ Although the thought of hand writing 100 cards can seem daunting, it is always the right thing to do. Guests will appreciate opening a card that you took the time to tailor to them. It will also be another keepsake from your wedding that they can treasure. If you have a little writer’s block, try being specific about what the gift was you received and what you plan to use it for in the future.

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Be Romantic All Year Round…

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, you might be thinking of what you can do to show your honey how much you love him throughout the year. While this holiday is always a very special time to be extra romantic with the one you love, there are an additional 364 days on the calendar to do simple sweet things to show your guy just how much you care. Below are some fun ideas to show your love any day of the year!


Write a Love Message On The Mirror ~ When your guy is in the shower and the mirror is fogged up, write a simple note to him as a surprise for when he gets out. A simple ‘I Love You’ always seems to do the trick.

Write A List ~ On beautiful stationery, jot down all of the reasons your guy is ‘the one‘. Remind him of everything you love from his gorgeous eyes to that smile that melts your heart and let him know why he means so much to you.

Dress up and Dine ~ Surprise your guy with an impromptu romantic candlelight dinner at home! On a random weekday, make one of his favorite dishes, throw on your cutest stilettos and set the mood for when he gets home from work. Nothing says romance like a homemade meal.

Take Him Out to the Ball Game ~ Compromise is a big part of every relationship. If your man sits through flicks like “The Notebook” and “Pretty Woman”, why not even the score by taking him to see his favorite team in action.

Create A Scrapbook ~ Gather images of all of the fun times you have shared together over the past year, and write romantic captions for each image. This will be something you can both treasure for years to come.

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