The Nalini Method Workout


On Sunday, January 25, 2009 I took a morning class at Nalini Method in NYC.  I must admit that I was pretty nervous.  I had done my research online, so I had an idea of what I was in for, but having not participated in a Pilates class before, I was concerned that it would be difficult to keep up.  I made sure I didn’t make any plans for Saturday night, as I wanted to be very well rested.


Upon entering the studio, I tried to put myself at ease.  I was greeted by an extremely friendly Rupa Mehta, the owner and instructor.  As I signed in, she asked me my name, welcomed me, and warned me that she would be calling my name throughout the class.  She told me that even though it was my first class with her, she wouldn’t be taking it easy on me.  She wasn’t kidding!


Nalini Method 001  


The class had about a dozen women, and as we all gathered our equipment, I surveyed the room.  We would be using a mat, hand weights (3, 4 and 5 pounds), a resistance band, rubber ball, blocks, and a sturdy strap attached to the ballet bar. 


As soon as we got started, I knew I was in for a tough workout.  We started down on the floor doing sets of modified push-ups and then bicep curls.  As my arms are the weakest part of my body, it was a struggle to push through.  True to her word, however, Rupa called out my name occasionally and kept me motivated by urging me to “find the strength, even if I didn’t think I had it.” 


Then it was off to work on our legs.  We did leg exercises at the ballet bar, and ended things with an intense ab workout. I must admit that I took a few short breaks, but I kept up through most of the hour.  Throughout the class, Rupa gave personal attention to each student, and each time she assisted me, I felt the difference in how I was executing the positions.  I also found the stretching at the end very rewarding, as this helped me to relax.


Nalini Method 008-1

Needless to say, at the end of the class I was exhausted, but I was never bored during the hour.  It flew by and I realized that I had worked muscle groups that I had forgotten about.  I also enjoyed the music in the class.  Moving to everything from Britney’s “Womanizer” to Christina’s “Keeps Getting’ Better” kept me pumped.

The next day my arms were really sore, but I was motivated to keep up with my exercise plans.  I am looking forward to taking the class again.  This is my year to get in better shape!


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Happy Training!