Guest Blogger: Hector From La Orquesta C.A.N.I.


Hector Jr Y Su Orquesta C.A.N.I. is a New York City latin salsa band. Our Mission is to bring joyous latin salsa music to our clients and latin salsa lovers from around the world. We believe in performing in unison in order to bring out the core roots of Salsa Brutal. Our style of music is centered around bringing out an energetic experience with our audiences and that is because we play for the public not for ourselves!

La Orquesta C.A.N.I. was created on June 17, 1999 in New York City.  Our style of music caters specifically to Salsa, Latin Jazz, Latin R&B, Cha-Cha, Descarga, Bolero and Merengue music. We have a very powerful three trombone section which differentiates us from other "Ordinary Latin Salsa Bands" this is why we are called C.A.N.I.  We also have a very powerful percussion section that moves Latin salsa dancers in a special way that brings out their passion for dancing. We know from experience that our music energy is what differentiates us from other bands because our style has a unique way of expressing itself on cue. We have had the most experienced singers come through the group such as Pete Pagan ex (Los Hermanos Morenos) Alfredo "Male" Torres ex (Joe Cuba) Rey Bayona ex (Jimmy Bosch) and Luis Soto ex (Jose Mangual Jr).

Our main specialty is weddings because we also M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) the event for you and handle any announcements, toasts or presentations that require excellent communication skills. Our style of music is traditional Latin salsa from the 70's 80's 90's such as Hector La Voe, Ismael Rivera, Roberto Roena and Ray Barretto.  Then we have our own original style compositions called C.A.N.I.

In closing, Hector Jr Y Su Orquesta C.A.N.I. is not just an "ordinary Latin salsa band" we are an "AN ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE" you will want to take with you and share it with your family and friends. I GUARANTEE IT.

Say It With a Love Song ~ Check out this Sweet offer from our friends at Craig Scott Entertainment

Jenn and Eliu

 There are few ways that express your love for your partner better than the perfect love song. And with Valentine’s Day coming up soon, one of our vendor partners Craig Scott Entertainment has assembled the most romantic playlist for your romantic evening. 

Some songs will inspire you and others might surprise you. But there is no doubt that
these songs will set the right mood. Some brides- and grooms-to-be may even find
their first dance for the reception.

These songs are available as a special “Valentine’s 2010” iMix at the iTunes store       (  ) for your mp3 player so you can create the ultimate Valentine’s Day playlist for your special someone.

Read on and enjoy!

1. You Are the Best Thing-Ray LaMontagne

2. Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol

3. This Never Happened Before-Paul McCartney

4. When You Say Nothing At All-Ronan Keating

5. The Book of Love-Peter Gabriel

6. You & Me-Dave Matthews Band

7. My Funny Valentine-Chet Baker

8. Truly Madly Deeply-Savage Garden

9. Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop-Landon Pigg

10. Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat)-Jason Mraz

11. Let's Just Stay In-Tony DeSare

12. Fortunate-Maxwell

13. The Look of Love-Diana Krall

14. Everything I Have Is Yours-Billie Holiday


Guest Blogger: Scott Hornack of Craig Scott Entertainment

CS_Gary1 copy 

The “M-Band”


I have always loved the idea of putting a musician with a Disc Jockey. With DJ’s, yes  it is great that you do hear the music from the original artists.The only problem with the Disc Jockey was that there always seemed to be an element missing. There seemed a lack of synergy between the DJ and the guests. Yes, many DJ companies use the “two man” or “MC/Spinner” combination however, that just seemed to have the “MC” on the microphone way too much (for my liking ) and some (MC’s) even felt that it was all about them and not the Bride & Groom. When you add a live musician to the DJ it brings more personality and a musical interaction element to any event. Suddenly, the party comes to life.


CS_5882 copy 



When the economy started to decline, a lot of clients were very conscience about their budgets and were concerned about paying $5,000 -$10,000 for a band. That is what made us thinking about expanding our original concept. Take a DJ spinning your favorite songs as you know them, add some karaoke style tracks with several live musicians and singers and you get one exciting party. The best of both worlds! 


 CS_5553 copy 


We came up with the name “M-Band”  (which stands for micro-band), It's a new, interesting and exciting entertainment option and it is even more cost effective and more versatile than a small band but with the presence of a full band sound. Something as small as one DJ with two live musicians, such as one vocalist with a percussionist, which is very popular now, would be less than $3,000.  


CS_2324 copy 


Many clients are now even selecting larger "M-bands", starting with the DJ, one or two female vocalists, male vocalist, keyboard player and percussionist.  This really is a mini band! Your entertainment value for your event has just quadrupled. Now, aside from the great upbeat dance songs that can be performed, you can have an incredible entertainment experience during your meals. Suddenly, there is a visual aspect for your guests even while they are eating. A number of clients last year and even more this year have added a “Sinatra” singer to perform ay dinner. This option can now create the feeling of the “Café Carlyle” or the famed “Algonquin” while you are eating… It’s such an elegant ambiance and a great way to put your fingerprint on your wedding.


Click here to learn more about Craig Scott Entertainment. 







The Knot and North New Jersey Wedding Professionals Go Green



Last month we planned The Knot's annual wedding industry party.  The Knot wanted to partner with North New Jersey-based wedding professionals to created a chic, green evening designed with less eco-impact in mind.  This event invited local wedding professionals to be the guests, share ideas, and network with their peers while highlighting one of the industry’s largest growing trends in weddings: going green.


KR8N6452  KR8N6472-1 KR8N6462


We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our partners in the industry who helped us produce this great event: 

·         Venue/Catering –  The Olde Mill Inn                      

·         Floral Decor –  Santos Florist                               

·         Lounge Furniture/Linens – Jersey Street Furniture  

·         Entertainment –  Craig Scott Entertainment           

·         Cake – Pink Cake Box                                       

·         Photography – Magique Studios                           

·         Lighting – Dynamite Fx                            

·         Photo Booth – Party Booths  

·         Gourmet Coffee/Espresso Bar – Cupa Cabana  

·         Bar Mixers – Stirrings  

·         Floral/Leftover Rescue – The Special E  

·         Scent Machine - Scentevents 


To help showcase go green ideas, our team of wedding professionals created a sophisticated rain forest themed environment using florals, decor and lighting.  The event was held on Thursday, July 17 at The Olde Mill Inn.  The Olde Mill Inn was a perfect choice of location given that the hotel is a member of the Green Hotels Association and is dedicated to providing their guests reduced allergen friendly accommodations for a healthier pollution free night sleep.  They also create meals, whenever possible, using certified organic fruits and vegetables, purified water and natural grass fed meats that are free from chemicals and pesticides. 




The room was decorated with live plants such as palm trees, ferns, and fichus trees and up lit in varying shades of green with LED lights which use less energy than traditional canister lighting.  Custom lounge furniture was used to create a relaxed yet elegant feel while stimulating networking.  Since the custom lounge furniture is refurbished and reupholstered for each unique event, instead of building all new furniture, this is another way to go green at an event.




A favorite of our guests was the tropical inspired signature drinks, which included a Pomegranate Acai Berry martini made with all natural Stirrings Pomegranate cocktail mix and Acai Berry juice which originates from the Amazon Rain Forest.  Dessert featured a chocolate fountain, gourmet coffee/espresso bar, and a rain forest themed cake complete with bamboo, leopard print, orchids, and butterflies. Guests also enjoyed posing for fun pictures in the photo booth and listening to the smooth sounds of the Latin trio.  




We also had some wonderful giveaways and heard from our client (The Knot) that they had never had such great giveaway and gift bag items.  Thank you to those who provided these items:

Green giveaways included reusable tote gift bags filled with organic chocolates, all natural cocktail mixers, and plantable seeded paper favors.  Other green giveaways included necklaces with an eco-friendly message, a purse made of 100% recycled juice boxes, and gift certificates to an organic spa and a stay in an allergen-free room at the Olde Mill Inn.

In order to minimize the event's carbon footprint, representatives of The Special E were present.  The Special E is a unique "green" service that rescues leftovers from events and then recycles them in ways that help our planet and people in need.  The Special E rescued the leftover food and floral arrangements from the event.

It was a fabulous evening with great networking, food, cocktails, giveaways, and entertainment all while providing ideas to be eco-friendly.




All the best,


Candice and the FT Team