Old Bridesmaid Dresses Into Something New!

We have all seen the film 27 Dresses by now, and we know how it can be to have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses and nowhere to wear them all.

No need to worry!

Dessy Group has launched a new website called where you can send in your old bridesmaid gowns and receive credit toward new ones. You simply request a prepaid envelope from, package it according to the directions given and send over your old dress inside of it. Your dress can be designed by almost any brand, and as long as it is not damaged you will receive anywhere from 30-50% off towards one of their six black dress styles. After the discount, the six black dress styles cost around $75-$100 each. Your old bridesmaid dress will either be broken down and recycled or donated to Clothes4Souls.

This is a great chance to do some shopping, and help others and the environment all at once!