“Real Beauty, Real Bride”-FT Bride Jill in Modern Bride Magazine

We are so excited that our Bride Jill, who married her Groom Alan in a chic and fabulous wedding at the Puck Building in NYC on September 20, 2008, is featured in the current issue of Modern Bride Magazine. 

As their "Modern Beauty/Your Way" feature, Jill shares her beauty tips on how she achieved her stunning and timeless wedding glow.  See how you can achieve her look below.

Special Thanks to Sheri of Monsheri Bridal for such a terrific job on Hair and Make-up and to Francesco Mastalia for the gorgeous photograph!


Hottest Trends from the National Stationery Show

I had been waiting all year for the National Stationery Show at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.  I could not wait to see all of the latest products available and discover the best suppliers out there in order to expand what we offer our clients even more.  Finally, the wait was over in May.  I spent hours walking aisle after aisle visiting the booths of hundreds of stationery vendors.

The overall biggest trend that was very apparent at the show was customization.  No longer will couples settle for cookie cutter invitations.  They want their wedding to be their own unique creation and want their invitations to reflect their personal style.

Some other trends that I discovered at the show were:

Pockets  –   Pocket invitations are a wonderful way to present your invitations to your guests while keeping all of the enclosure cards together in a nice, neat package.  There were some gorgeous options from Marsupial Pouches & Papers which included unique embossed pockets which we are now offering to our clients.  


Exotic Papers – There were many companies at the show that offered amazing, unique papers from around the world that we will be proudly offering to our clients.  These included fabulous woven papers that mimic the look of bamboo for tropical destination weddings and butterfly print silk envelopes that would be perfect for Spring bridal showers.

Sk2086-2  1  

Adorable Customizable Favor Boxes – I was able to preview the brand new favor boxes that are being offered by one of our suppliers, Do It With More Options.  They are all completely customizable and available in 30 colors.


Personalized Postage – Put a special touch on your invitations by creating your own postage to match the look of your invitations.  We can now help you create beautiful postage stamps that coordinate with the look of your wedding or feature a photo of the two of you.


We are very excited to be able to offer the latest products from many of the suppliers at the show to give you even more options for your wedding to be one of a kind. 

Give us a call at 973-518-3380 to discuss how we can help you completely personalize your wedding from everything from invitations to programs to favors.

Happy Planning,


The Finishing Touch Event Design

FT’s First Spring Wedding of 2009 – Alexandra & Camper

 Alexandra and Camper Kissing 

On Saturday, April 25th the sun was glowing and so was Alexandra, our first bride this spring.  The pictures began on the campus of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.   The scenery was truly amazing, with dogwoods and cherry blossoms surrounding the beautiful bride and groom.  The photographer, Berit, knew exactly how to capture the moments.

A&C Ceremony 

The ceremony, performed by Camper’s father, took place at the Craig Chapel at Drew University.   Alexandra’s family friend, Lisa, served as the translator for her Russian family, who flew in for this special occasion.  The trio from Elegant Ensembles played a beautiful rendition of Only Time by Enya as Alexandra processed down the aisle.  Following the ceremony, guests were directed to the Park Avenue Club for the reception.   For those who are not familiar with the Park Avenue Club, it is an exclusive dining club located in Florham Park, NJ.   They are the “only club in the world that benefits eleven charitable organizations through the Park Avenue Foundation.”

A&C Seating Cards 

Park Avenue Club offers a variety of different spaces, however Alexandra and Camper chose to host their event in the main dining room, with a cocktail reception in the North Pavilion.  As guests entered their place cards were waiting atop wedding bell favors.  Just across the way was the wishing tree where guests can hang their wishes for Alexandra and Camper.  The room glowed with a warm amber color, provided by the lighting experts at Elegant Ensembles. 

A&C Dancing 

The wonderful couple began the evening with their first dance as husband and wife to the song "True Companion" by Marc Cohn.  As the song concluded the DJ asked all married couples to step onto the dance floor as they played "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers.  As the song went on, couples were asked to stay on the dance floor if they were married for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.   The song was a tribute to Camper’s parents who have been married just over 50 years! 


A&C Cake 


A&C Cake Close Up

Toasts were given throughout the night by family and friends as part of the Russian tradition.  Some were given in English, some even in Russian.  A video photo-montage, created by Elegant Ensembles, was shown to the guests just before the cake was cut.  It showcased pictures of Camper and Alexandra as young children through to their adult lives and concluded with photos of the couple.  It was a wonderful montage which elicited laughs and smiles from all the guests.  The beautiful cake, supplied by Pink Cake Box was displayed throughout the night.  Guests could not stop talking about how great it looked, and they were even more surprised when it tasted good as well.


A&C Wines 

The evening was full of great music, dancing and lots of fun.  The guests were treated to a host of specialty wines that were hand-picked by Camper.  It was a wonderful success and Alexandra and Camper were surrounded by love.   It was a true pleasure working with another great couple.  My congrats to them!


A&C Smiling 


Click here to read the photographer, Berit's blog on this wedding http://imagesbyberit.com/blog/.


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Guest Blogger: Magda of Magda Designs


Perfect wedding day hair and makeup is a must!  At Magda’s Designs, my team of artists and I work with the bride to achieve the perfect look for the special day.  All of my artists specialize in bridal hair and makeup that not only look beautiful in person, but also in photographs.  I believe in modern, timeless, classic beauty.






I feel that it is very important that the bride’s skin be flawless and radiant and that her hair looks moveable and touchable.  The products that I use help us to achieve this every time!  We use a silicone based high definition makeup that is applied either with a brush or airbrushed.  The makeup we use is lightweight and will never appear mask-like or caked on, which is a huge concern for brides.  The silicone based formula helps the makeup last for more than 12 hours.  It is water resistant, smear proof and smudge proof.


Lightweight formulas for the hair are also a must.  A product that is too strong can give the hair a weighed down look that isn’t as flattering. 


I recently had the great pleasure of working with a wonderful couple who got married in St. Lucia!!!!  I was a little concerned and thought that it would be a perfect test to see how I could make her hair and makeup flawless throughout her day.  The makeup and hair held through everything and she looked amazing from the first to the very last picture.


Here’s to beauty,




Across the Country in 10 Days-Part III

Snow Capped Mountains 

Welcome back again for the conclusion of my road trip across the country!  In case you don’t remember, we were on day 7, 10 states deep and just leaving Denver to head to….

UTAH!  The drive through the Rocky Mountains was majestic.  Pictures and words cannot capture their true beauty.  I think it was the first place we actually had no cell phone reception.  J  I definitely understand why people live in Denver; a combination of city life and nature all rolled into one. 

We did not have much planned for Utah except for Arches National Park in Moab.  This national park boasts the most unusual rock formations.  Although we did not get to see many arches, we did see some beautiful scenery.  Unfortunately, we were not really prepared to hike through the park.  While you can drive through it, as we did, it probably would have been more beneficial to have hiked.  It took roughly 2 hours to drive the park and stop at the different lookout points.  There were definitely some fascinating structures to observe along the way and we felt satisfied with our time there.  

Girls at Canyon  

After gassing up and leaving Moab, we decided that we would do our best to make it to our next and final stop for Chelsea and me.  Las Vegas was about 5-6 hours away, but I was determined to get us there.  Melissa and Chelsea had never been to Vegas before and although I had been twice, it was my first time driving there, and my first time going there in over 10 years.   I began the final leg of my trip keeping in the back of my mind that I wanted Melissa and Chelsea to experience Vegas for the first time at night. 

It was about 1:00 am when we crossed into Pacific Time, where it became midnight again.  Much to our disappointment there was no sign this time.  But our phones changed, so at least we had an indicator.  Anyway, at about 12:45, still in pitch black we climbed a small incline.  We reached the top, and all of a sudden in the distance miles of lights could be seen. I realized that flying over the strip is nothing like driving into Vegas at night.  We were clapping and cheering.  Of course we had a playlist ready on the IPOD for our entrance to the strip.  What better song than A Little Less Conversation, (theme song for the show Vegas)?  Followed by Tom Jones of course! 


Water Fountain

We started at one end of the strip and drove down and back.  It was so much fun being in the car with Melissa and Chelsea as they had their first Vegas experience.  Several of the hotels were new to me, but I was more excited watching the two girls look up in awe.  I was sad to be in my last city, but I was thankful that I had 3 nights to go with Melissa.  We spent the daytime touring the casinos and in the evening we tried to experience some of the nightlife.  The fountains show at the Bellagio Hotel was definitely our favorite.  We watched about 4 shows in a row!  If you think Vegas is just about the gambling, you really can go there without losing a dime. There are so many hotels to tour, restaurants to try and shows to attend.  The top of the Stratosphere Hotel even has 3 terrifying rides!  That was the only activity I did not partake in.  Instead, I took pictures of Melissa and Chelsea.  (I took one for the team!)


We stayed at the MGM Hotel, towards the end of the strip.  We had a great view of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and the Sphinx at the Luxor.  The first night we did a little bar hopping and tested out the scene at Coyote Ugly, located in the New York, New York Hotel.  Melissa and I were dancing on the bar with minutes of walking in.  We stayed for a short time there and then headed towards Caesar’s Palace to hit up PURE Nightclub. It was packed and the music was pumping.  You kind of forget that you're out on a Tuesday night.  It's pretty easy to forget what day it is when your're in Sin City!  We hit the dance floor for a while, and by the time we left our ears were definitly ringing.  We returned to our hotel where I taught Chelsea how to play Roulette, and she walked away $200 richer. 


Pointing Statue 


Chelsea had to return to Virginia the next day, but Melissa and I had still had one more full day and night ahead.  We toured more hotels, such as The Mirage, The Venetian, Paris, and The Wynn.   It truly is incredible to see these creative spaces.  I even had the chance to see the Devils first playoff game on a huge screen! (That made my day!)  After a full day of walking the strip, we decided to stay close to home on our final night and we went to Studio 54 located right in the MGM Grand.  The music was great, and the club was awesome.  They have dancers to entertain the crowd high above the dance floor.  The outfits don’t really leave much to the imagination, and they have costume changes throughout the night.  Definitely not what I’m used to seeing back in Hoboken!  Overall, we had an absolute blast, and it was a great way to spend our final night in Vegas. 

After 10 days of travelling, I am able to say that I was in 13 states, 7 cities, and 3 time zones…and I did it all with the 1 friend who is most dear to me.  Saying goodbye to Melissa was probably the toughest day, however we promised not to really say goodbye…but “see you later.”  I gave her about 5 hugs, each one filled with tears and I walked into the airport.  Within 10-15 seconds we were already texting each other.  I knew that she would never really be far from me.


Girls Close Up Pic



This vacation was definitely one of my most exciting and memorable times.  We laughed, we cried and we simply enjoyed being friends.  Nothing compares to this experience and I feel so fortunate I had the chance to drive across this beautiful and diverse country.  If you ever have a chance to take your own road trip, do not pass it up.  I cannot tell you enough times how incredible it was.  Just find the right person to go with, and you can’t go wrong!

If you liked this story…hopefully you’ll love the sequel…the road trip to move Melissa back to the East Coast.  Don’t worry…you have a couple years before that one is released.


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