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New Year Email Greeting 2008 




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Holiday Email Greeting 2008  

Holiday Luncheon in NYC



It truly is a wonderful time of the year in Rockefeller Center.   Recently I had the opportunity to plan a Christmas Luncheon for an investment firm in NYC.   Based on the criteria they gave me, I selected a great location for them on 49th and 6th at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House http://www.delfriscos.com/newyork/.  This restaurant is a local favorite for business people in the area and they offer wonderful holiday menus. 



With only 13 people at the firm I researched the different options and finally settled on a private room in their wine cellar as it is secluded and has a wonderful atmosphere.  To reach the room, attendees had to actually walk through the large restaurant and take an escalator downstairs into a private bar area, before being escorted into the wine cellar.  Being seated in the space is truly an experience as it is surrounded by glass walls, which allow you to see the countless bottles and the wait staff locating them as they are chosen by patrons.

The décor chosen was very simple, yet elegant ~ you don’t need much when wine bottles surround you.  Given the number in the party we were able to go with just one conference style table.  On the table were votives filled with water and one floating candle, offering a warm feel to the room. 


After meeting with the owners it was obvious that the economy has taken a toll on the company and employee morale as well, so this luncheon was important on so many levels.  Therefore, I suggested that a company-wide Secret Santa gift exchange might be another great way to help boost spirits.  Each person was told to spend $15-$25 and they would exchange their gifts at the luncheon.  The owner handed the gifts out and everyone had to open their gifts one by one while trying to guess who had purchased each item.  It was a great addition to their lunch.



The owners conveyed that it was truly a beautiful luncheon and a perfect way to enter the holiday season.  It was a great way to show their employees how much they are valued and it was also a nice distraction for them…at least for a couple hours.   The spirit of the holidays was definitely in the air ~ a tough thing to avoid when you pass the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree on your way to lunch!

Happy holidays!!



The Flying Trapeze

Trapeze 012 


Last weekend, a girlfriend of mine and I got the idea to mimic ‘Carrie’ on Sex & the City and take a flying trapeze class in the city. We found the same company that was featured on the episode, Trapeze School of New York, and enrolled in a beginner class. When we arrived at the ‘bubble-like’ tent, we watched girls that were no older than 8 years old doing all sorts of tricks on the trapeze—talk about intimidation!


Once our class began, our instructor taught us the basics of trapeze and then strapped us into our harnesses. One by one we would climb up a 40-foot ladder to the platform where another instructor helped us prepare for ‘take-off’. Even though I was strapped in and there was a huge net to fall into, I was still very nervous. I took hold of the bar, and was given commands from the instructor below on what to do. My first swing I was able to bring my legs up and hang by my knees. Each swing we tried a few different things such as taking our hands off the bars and flips. It was odd, because even though we only got to swing 5 times, we looked and felt like we had done it much longer. The instructors are so great and patient that we immediately felt comfortable and safe. On our fifth & final swing, we tried what is called a ‘catch’. One of our instructors was swinging on a bar in front of us, we were to hang by our knees, take our hands off and reach for him to catch us and take us off our own bar. A lot of the technique with trapeze is timing; if you jump a split second too late off the platform, you will miss your opportunity to be caught. I was nervous but so determined to be caught. My commands were given and I did everything they said to do and excitingly, was caught! It was a great sense of accomplishment and a lot of fun. My girlfriend's mother and my mother had come into the city with us to video our swings!


Typically lessons are groups of 10 (in order for everyone to have at least 5 swings) and there is plenty of room for family or friends to come and cheer you on. If you are looking for a different kind of bachelorette party, a group trapeze class could be it! For girls who would love to learn something new, signing up with your girlfriends is a great way to bond and enjoy something different. The school also offers lessons with silks & trampoline. In the summer, the school offers trapeze lessons outside on Pier 40, along the Hudson River-imagine the views from there!

‘Flying through the air with the greatest of ease..the flying trapeze.’


Click here to see video of "Nikki's Catch" on our Facebook page.


Happy flying,