Tiffany & Howie: A One-of-A-Kind Wedding

Dress & Invite

In May, we coordinated a truly unique wedding for Tiffany & Howie.  The whole day was filled with surprises and original ideas.


 20200_ 0298

It began with the Bridal Party which was made up of 36 members!  This included 12 Bridesmaids and 12 Groomsmen, a Mini Bridal Party of 8 children, a flower girl, a ring bearer, and a Mini Bride & Groom. 

20200_ 0383

After the Bridal Party processed in, curtains that were hung from an archway were closed.  Then the music changed and the curtains were opened to reveal the Bride, Tiffany. 


After a beautiful ceremony, the Bride & Groom were picked up by a Cinderella-style horse and carriage for pictures before heading to the reception. 

Horse & Carriage 1  

The reception was held at The Addison Park in Aberdeen, NJ.  With its grand staircase, cathedral ceilings, and checkerboard marble floors, it is a truly gorgeous venue. 

20200_ 0890  

The cocktail hour was held in 2 different rooms due to the large size of the wedding.  The cocktail hour food was amazing and included a lobster tree (yes, a lobster tree!). 

20200_ 0916

To entertain guests, Tiffany & Howie had a Jazz Band and a Living Statue which alternated between the 2 rooms.  The Living Statue was a hit especially with the children who spent pretty much the entire cocktail hour watching and interacting with.

Statue 2 

Dinner and dancing were held in the beautiful Grand Ballroom.  To reflect the Spring season, the stunning centerpieces created by Ali Barone from Diana Gould Ltd. were made to look like miniature flowering trees with candles hanging from them.

   20200_ 1014

After introductions, the children in the bridal party were lead upstairs to enjoy their own special party.  The kids were treated to a magic show by Cool Magic Entertainment and their own buffet.  Nanny for the Night was on hand to watch the kids, play games, and read stories.  All the kids brought sleeping bags for later in the night in order to keep to their bedtimes.

20200_ 1216

20200_ 1182   

20200_ 1202                                                                               

Tiffany & Howie's first dance was truly an emotional moment.  As a surprise to Howie, Tiffany professionally recorded a music video of herself singing "God Bless This Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts which played on a large video screen in the background while they danced.  Tiffany was fantastic and the video produced by Ralph Materese with Pro Video Productions was absolutely beautiful.  It depicted Tiffany & Howie as children (played by Tiffany's son Christian and the Mini Bride from the wedding Sierra) playing on the beach and looking at old photographs.  At the end of the video, the children transformed into Tiffany & Howie now as adults.  It had everyone in the place tearing up. 

20200_ 1123

To view the video, go to our Facebook page by clicking here.  It is titled "Tiffany & Howie's Love Story."

During dinner, guests were treated to a performance by The Sheps who were flown in from Florida for the occasion.  They sang acapella and were reminiscent of those great Motown groups from the 60s ~ the Four Tops and Temptations.

Acapella Group

After dinner, the dance floor turned into "Disco Night" with a special dance from Tiffany & Howie.  The couple danced to a slow love song that the Bride recorded for the occasion.  Towards the end of the song, the DJ made it like the song skipped and shut it off.  To everyone's surprise, Howie then ripped off the bottom of Tiffany's princess style gown to reveal a white mini dress.  Then Tiffany & Howie went into a choreographed dance (think Robert and Amy's wedding dance on Everybody Loves Raymond) to "Baby Got Back"!

20200_ 1600

20200_ 1609

The wedding was capped off with a fabulous Viennese table and dancing until after midnight.

20200_ 1650


Truly a one of a kind event that we were very honored to be a part of.

All the best,

Candice, Priscilla, and Christine  FT Picture

Photos by Artistic Imagery Photography.


Rebecca & John: A Match Made in Heaven


This past Spring we planned and coordinated a wedding for our couple, Rebecca and John.  In addition to the planning, our Event Design division designed the event's decor and stationery to reflect the couple's "Match Made in Heaven" theme.

Rebecca loves the color blue and has always loved anything with a cloud pattern.  They also met through a Young Adult group at their church so a Heaven theme was perfect for them.


The wedding was held on May 18th with the ceremony at Our Lady of Mount Virgin Church in Garfield, NJ and the reception at The Knoll Country Club – East in Parsippany, NJ.

0724_080518-1Seating Card Table1


The Knoll Country Club did a fantastic job and accommodated all of the couple's unique requests including serving blue champagne at the cocktail hour and at the tables for the toast!  The couple also had a special blue cocktail called the "Blisstini" which had a custom feather trimmed coaster.

For the guest book, Rebecca and John used a photo booth from Party Booths.  Guests took pictures in the booth with props like feather boas and sunglasses.  The pictures were then pasted into the guest book and guests wrote messages to the couple.


The table centerpieces from Santos Florist were blue and white hydrangea with crystal accents that  were lit up from the bottom to represent clouds floating in a blue sky. 


Custom crystal branch centerpieces from our Event Design division were also lit up from the bottom and placed on either side of the sweetheart table. 


Each table was named for the theme – Blue Sky, Heaven, Angel, etc.


The tables had Kate Aspen "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" favors on them.  To personalize these, the "Something Old" box contained an old photo of them, "Something New" box contained wildflower seeds to grow something new, "Something Borrowed" box contained a lucky penny, and the "Something Blue" box contained a blue notepad that had "Thank You, Love Rebecca & John" written on it.  Each box contained a poem that explained what was in each box.


The Parisienne (dessert) table was held in the tent, which was illuminated in blue.  They had a signature coffee cocktail called the "Capodicino" as a play on the couple's last name which was sugar rimmed, set on fire, and topped with a dollop with fresh whipped cream.


At the end of the evening, guests were treated to a Candy Bar aptly named "Sugar Heaven" complete with blue cotton candy. 


The takeaway favors were Sun Catcher/Car Air Fresheners that matched the wedding perfectly, they had a cloud on them with all blue and white crystals hanging down.  The tags on the favors read "Safe and Happy Travels."

It was definitely a "heavenly" event.

All the best,

Priscilla and Leah

Photographs by Infinity Photography