Girls’ Night Out 19 Floors Up

On Monday night, Candice and I went to a Grand Opening "Girls' Night Out" at Mad46, the new rooftop lounge on the 19th floor of New York City's Roosevelt Hotel.  This invitation-only event was designed to bring together female event professionals for a fun night of food and drinks – no boys allowed.  : ) 


We snacked on chicken satay and coconut shrimp and sipped creative cocktails, while taking in the amazing view of the NY skyline and sharing stories about our event experiences.  By the way, I am not a big fan of mojitos normally but the Mad Coconut Mojito they offer there is excellent.  I also recommend the Summertime Splash made with Pineapple Vodka, Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao, and Pineapple Juice – its like a tropical vacation in a glass.   

Mad46 is a fantastic place to go for an after-work drink with co-workers or a relaxing night out with friends.  They offer a light snack menu and an extensive cocktail menu.  They can also host private parties such as corporate events or bridal/baby showers.

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Recently I jumped out of a plane over 10,000 feet above land and fell 120 mph. Yes, I went skydiving for my birthday! For some strange reason, I had always wanted to go and I finally found someone who would actually join me! My girlfriend and I drove an hour north at 8am on a Sunday to jump together. Since everyone I told could not believe this was something I would want to do, I had to buy the DVD of my jump just to have the evidence!


Our instructors made the experience so much fun and did a great job of keeping us calm. After all our instructions and being strapped into our harnesses, we made our way to the plane. The flight up was probably the longest part of our whole experience (20 minutes). Surprisingly, I was cool and collected, watching the ground get smaller and smaller as we traveled up into the clouds.


IMG_2277[1]Once we were at the right altitude the door opened and I felt the strongest gust of wind hit my body. We crept to the edge of the plane while the cameraman hung onto the wing to capture my jump. Not once did I look scared, I was laughing and yelling the entire time! We freefell (no parachute) for about 60 seconds, held hands with the cameraman to make us spin and waved to the camera. It was absolutely exhilarating. Once it came time to pull the parachute, my instructor gave me the signal. I then reached down to my waist and pulled the orange tab & poof, I was floating.




Our parachuting lasted about 5 minutes as my instructor taught me how to steer. Since I felt a little daring, we did some spirals & turns. Eventually we landed so smoothly on our feet, maybe taking one step forward as we touched ground! Upon landing the cameraman asked how it was and I exclaimed I wanted to go again, right now!



IMG_2310 It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and something my friend & I will NEVER forget. It is such a thrill and it makes you feel so invincible. I definitely want to do this for my own bachelorette party.  Something about being that excited and nervous together with a bunch of girlfriends can really bond you. We have plans to go back next month!



Next adventure: Whitewater rafting!


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Bachelorette Jamaican Getaway

Here at The Finishing Touch, we love to travel. We do so whenever given the opportunity.  Recently, I was able to share a trip to Jamaica with one of our Brides, Letty, and her girlfriends to celebrate her approaching Wedding Day.


The girls decided to spend four days enjoying some fun in the sun.  With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Jamaica proved to be the perfect location.  The girls decided to stay in Montego Bay  given its proximity to the airport (just 5 minutes!) as they were there for only 4 days. 

We booked their stay at the Royal Decameron Montego Beach which, although not my top pick for a wedding, is a great place for a getaway.   There is plenty of space for lying in the sun, unlimited drinks and food, and the price was right.   I definitely recommend if you can, booking one of the Ocean View rooms on the first floor which allows you to walk right onto the beach.


Of course, with every girls' weekend there must be  music and dancing.  One of the top clubs in Montego Bay is Pier 1 where the ladies danced into the night with a beautiful panoramic view of the Bay.  (As an aside, Pier 1 also offers a beautiful location for a private party or wedding reception!)


It was important to the girls that they experience some 'true Jamaica' on the trip so we knew to call Marva and Javia at  Marva and Javia run a great tour company on the island and the girls choose to climb Dunns River Falls, one of the most popular attractions on the island.


Along the way Javia stopped at many local spots including the The Yam Man and a traditional fruit stand where we were able to enjoy some fresh coconuts.  The day was closed with a traditional jerk chicken meal enjoyed with some Red Stripe.


The ladies and I left Jamaica happy to have helped Letty celebrate her last hurrah and looking forward to her big day!


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Diva and The City

I love Bachelorette Parties.  I think they are a great way to relieve some tension and have the Bride and Bridesmaids bond before the big day.  So when we were asked to plan the Bachelorette Party for our Bride Rebecca, I jumped at the chance.

Knowing the Bride, she was not a big fan of embarrassing "adult entertainment" nor was she one to go to clubs, so the party needed to be planned so that she would have a good time and not feel uncomfortable. 


The Bridesmaids decided to host a swanky cocktail party to be held at the Maid of Honor's house and then go out to a local comedy club.  Since Rebecca is a big fan of "Sex and The City" and the premier of the movie was coming up, it was decided that the theme of the party would be "Diva and The City." 


The guests were asked to dress in pink and black to match the theme.  Strands of pink crystals and pearls were hung from the ceiling and the room was filled with candles and pink rose petals. 


We designed unique centerpieces for the table that showcased sexy stiletto heels with pink and black faux fur purses, and over-sized "diamond rings."  We also created an over-sized "Cosmopolitan" cocktail centerpiece. 


Everyone nibbled on hors d'oeuvres and sipped cocktails with risque names like "French Kiss" (French Martini made with Chambord, Vodka, and Pineapple Juice) and "Dirty Girl" (Dirty Vodka Martini with a splash of Dry Vermouth and extra olive juice). 


Each guest had to pick a handmade cocktail charm to tie to their martini glass that said fun things like "Smokin' Hot", "Bombshell," and "Little Devil."


For dessert, the guests were treated to pink cupcakes with our custom toothpick toppers that read "Rebecca's Bachelorette Bash" and mini cheesecakes from Cheesecake Aly in Glen Rock, NJ.

During dessert, the guests played "20 Questions for the Bride."  Each guest had to answer 20 questions such as "If you had to marry one of your ex-boyfriends, who would it be?" in the way they thought the Bride would answer them.  Then the guests swapped answer sheets so they could be graded fairly.  Then Rebecca answered the questions out loud.  If the answer matched the answer on the sheet that the guest was holding, the guest had to take a drink. 


Then it was off to Bananas Comedy Club in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.  One thing that I thought was really smart was that a couple of the guests' husbands hung around at the cocktail party to act as designated drivers for the night so no one would have to worry about driving while intoxicated.  It was also nice that the boys helped clean up after the girls throughout the whole night!

Everyone had a fantastic time at the comedy club.  Rebecca was very excited to see Bobby Collins which is one of her favorite comedians. After the show, it was back to the Maid of Honor's house for more food, drinks, and funny stories.  I definitely think this was a night Rebecca and her Bridesmaids will never forget.

All the best,